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Tax Policy Conference 2017: Do lawyers make a distinctive contribution to tax policy-making?

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Christ’s College

9.30-10.00am: Registration and tea/coffee


Adrian Sawyer (Canterbury, NZ), ‘Reflections on the contributions of lawyers to tax policymaking in New Zealand’
Discussant: Anne Fairpo (Temple Tax Chambers, IALS)


Ann Kayis-Kumar (UNSW), ‘The importance of legal practitioners and scholars in tax policy design and development: An exploration and extension of the legal-economic literature’
Discussant: Maria Cecilia Fregni (Modena) (Response paper: 'Legal Academics’ and Practitioners’ Contribution to Tax-policy Making. Some Observations on the Subject')

11.20-11.40am: Tea/coffee break


John Snape (Warwick), ‘Tax Legislation As The Expression of Political And Economic Possibility’
Discussant: Hans Gribnau (Tilburg, Leiden)


Gary Richards (Law Society), ‘Do lawyers make a distinctive contribution to tax policy making? A personal view’
Discussant: Emma Chamberlain (Pump Court Tax Chambers)

1.00-2.00pm: Lunch


Samantha Henderson (Harvard), ‘Reflections on Lobler and Mayes’
Discussant: Claire Peacock (Oxford, Cambridge)


John Avery Jones (Pump Court Tax Chambers), ‘The Keith Committee’


Victor Baker (HMRC), Eleanor Ebbatson (HMRC), ‘Do lawyers make a distinctive contribution to tax policy making? A view from HMRC’
Brian Cleave (Former Solicitor of Inland Revenue), ‘A reply’

3.40-4.00pm: Closing discussion and tea

4.00pm: Drinks (funded by Miller Partnership)